What Are The Unique Types Of BrassPipe Fittings Available In The Market?

Posted by Admin on October, 18, 2022

Pipe fitting is one of the useful accessories in a pipe system to connect straight sections of a tube or pipe. Pipe fittings can be of different sizes or shapes. It depends on different applications. Pipe fittings are one of the most useful things in plumbing.

In the residential or commercial environment, pipe fitting has huge usefulness. Pipe fittings require adequate time, tools, and materials to install in the plumbing system. Pipe fittings are one of the useful tools in the plumbing system.

Popular Pipe Fittings

The important pipe fittings are as follows-

  • Bushings- Pipe bushings are useful for joining pipes of different sizes. It can reduce a larger pipe fitting down to a smaller pipe. Bushings are threaded inside and outside. Bushings can take very little space to achieve the same goal of reducing downsizing. Bushing has a hexagonal head.
  • Pipe Elbows- Pipe elbows are useful if you need to change the flow direction. A pipe elbow is a necessary fitting that is useful in a plumbing system.
  • Pipe Caps- Pipe caps are mainly made of stainless steel. Pipe caps fit over the end of a male pipe to stop the flow. Pipe caps are available with square heads to increase the leverage, and it is useful with a wrench during installation.
  • Pipe Flanges- Pipe flanges are useful to connect pipes. Pipe flange connections are useful in industrial applications that handle high pressure.
  • Pipe Nipples- Pipe nipple is a short pipe stub with a male pipe thread at one or both ends. It is useful for connecting two other fittings. Pipe nipples are useful for connecting pipes, valves, and hoses. Pipe nipples are useful in low-pressure piping systems.

The Usefulness of Pipe Tees

Pipe tees are one of the useful types of pipe fittings that has huge usefulness in the plumbing system. A pipe tee is a T-shaped accessory with two outlets at 90 degrees to connect to the main line.

It is a short piece of pipe with a lateral outlet. Pipe tees are useful to connect pipelines with a pipe through a right angle. Pipe tees are sized as per their run. When a tee's run is similar to the side outlet, it becomes a bulkhead fitting.

The Selection Process of Pipe Fittings

Here is the list of essential factors that you should consider while selecting the right pipe fittings-

  1. Material- The function of pipe fittings depends on their material. Some fluids are incompatible with the pipe fitting material. It can create a leakage or damage to the system. Brass is a very effective material for making different types of pipe fittings.
  2. Pressure and Temperature- Accurate pressure and temperature ratings are prominent to maintain optimal working conditions.
  3. Tubing- It is vital to consider the tubing to select the right pipe fitting. Barbed fitting is better to use it for flexible tubing.

Always try to buy durable pipe fittings that last forever. Brass pipe fitting is very useful for various applications. It would help if you chose an authentic online portal to buy good-quality pipe fittings.

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